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F is for Fan Fiction and Fandoms.

The internet has to be my favorite place, I have a future A to Z post talking about it but today I wanted to cover one of the reasons why the internet has a place in my heart

FanFiction and Fandoms –

Back in 1997 when I first started using the internet, I didn’t know what fandoms or fan communities was, I was watching at the time Star Trek and I wanted to know more about the world of Trek, so I had this awesome CD ROM encyclopedia about the universe of Trek but like anything, I wanted to learn more and I used the school computers to sit and read about everything I could find..


Around 2000, I learnt of the Harry Potter fandom, which was the first time I really opened up and read fan written stories, this whole new world was created and my friends online and…

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Fan Fiction: The Wrong Omega – Arrow

What happens when the person you belong to is with another because you have denied your true nature? Felicity Smoak is a literal genius and being a genius meant that she studied hard, graduated at the top of her class with 2 master’s degrees, and worked her way up to become the youngest VP of… Continue reading Fan Fiction: The Wrong Omega – Arrow


Fan Fiction: I Will Protect Her-Arrow

For Arrow fans, this is about the Bratva.  I included the summary and link to the work. I Will Protect Her The Queen family were members of the Starling City chapter and Robert Queen's recent death due to a Triad attack left them vulnerable. They needed to secure their systems and use every resource to… Continue reading Fan Fiction: I Will Protect Her-Arrow


Fan Fiction: Rules are meant to be broken – Arrow

Hey everyone!  It has been a long time since I focused on any form of writing (including this blog) so to get my creative juices flowing, I have added to the world of fan fiction.  I love the DC shows on the CW and in a matter of a few days I have already added… Continue reading Fan Fiction: Rules are meant to be broken – Arrow

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Getting back to Normal

Granted my normal isn't necessarily something to be proud of so how about better than normal.  I am making decisions that will be best for my son.  I am 30 and I want to make the most of my time and know that I am doing my best as a mother, wife and person. But it… Continue reading Getting back to Normal