Perfection in an Imperfect World

I often find myself pondering: why are we obsessed with perfection and what exactly is perfection?  When I was growing up, my mother consistently said things like “You won’t ever get married looking like that” or “If you could lose weight, you’d be really pretty” or something along those lines.  Now whether she was doing this to encourage me to do more for my health or more to emphasize that because I was not what had been driven into her as to the ideal figure and what beautiful is, I am not truly sure.  Now if you have read my pages, you know that I am in fact married and I am considerably larger as far as my weight is concerned than when my mother says such things.  When I was younger, I took her comments as if she was saying I wasn’t pretty, I didn’t fit the standards of beauty as they were considered, etc etc.  But now, when watching my younger sister’s HBM rise past mine when she is barely walking on a treadmill, I wonder if it was more about my health and less about being perfect.  Well, not all of it anyways.

But to return to my original idea, what is perfect?  Is there such a thing when everyone is so different?  Why do we create ideas of what one should be or should do in order to become good if there is no true measure of perfection?  There’s no possible way we can consider one thing, person, item, life to be perfect if everyone has a different definition so why do we put unneeded pressure to be or look a specific way or have a certain life.  Shouldn’t perfection be based on one’s own definition of what they want or who they want to be?

My personal idea of perfection is: sitting in the living room with my husband (even if we are across the room from each other doing completely different things), looking forward to the trip we have planned in May, believing in a future filled with a family of our own, expressing my creative and logical sides without pressuring myself to be one or the other, and seeing the beauty and art that is all around me.

What is your idea of perfection?



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