Planning our cross country road trip

I have been blessed to have seen and had many experiences.  imagesT1SM2J5SOne of my truly favorite things is travel even when it involves utterly frustrating moments of getting lost, seat having a permanent butt print, and forgetting where we parked the car (although having our car towed in New York is not an experience I wish to relive).  I have not; however, travelled the United States as much (or maybe not as far west as I could).  I’ve been to New York (Niagra Falls and city of), Florida (Disney World and ports to go on cruises), Mrytle Beach, Alabama, Kentucky (drive through), Georgia (drive through), New Jersey (Atlantic City), Tennessee (drive through) and Ohio.  I have also been lucky enough to travel through a variety of places outside of the United States. I have been to  Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Bermuda, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Belize, St. Thomas, Cozumel (a couple of times), Progresso, Paris, Chamonix, Eze (France), Cannes, Geneva, Canada, and Monaco.

imagesAnyways, back to what I was getting at.  Alex and I have been planning a 2 week cross country trip in the first 2 weeks of May.  We are spending a few hours in Chicago, Mt. Rushmore, the 4 Corners Monument, Grand Canyon (might be more of a stop by the road), and the Alamo.  We are spending 2 nights in Vegas, 1 night in Los Angeles, 1 in New Orleans, 1 in Atlanta, GA, and 2 in the Outer Banks (recently added stop towards the end of the trip for extra relaxation before coming home).  It’s been crazy planning it and now that it is a mere 2 months away, my brain untitledseems to be going on overdrive thinking about all the things we may need as well as making sure we make the most of it and don’t come back totally hating each other (I have been called the worst navigator ever due to random map and GPS mishaps).  I literally have an itinerary, a set of list directions for all major stops (plus a GPS on my phone and a regular one I purchased for extra help), all reservation confirmations, all tickets (besides ones that are onsite purchases), and I am slowly working on a packing checklist.  I purchased a dress for our night in Vegas.

untitledSo in other words, I feel like I am going a bit crazy and I think I am going to forget something and poor Alex is going to have his online classes those two weeks.  I am excited and freaked out all at the same time.  It will; honestly, be the biggest trip we have ever had together (even our honeymoon wasn’t that long).





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