How can 2 little words mean so much?

I originally was going to try and post an entry I had started a while back (but due to the work office computer not cooperating) about how I was doing like the 15 pounds I’ve lost and blah blah blah.  But I noticed something today about myself.  I want to be thought about or cared about and while I seem to be to some of the more important people of my life, there is something about others not saying it that made me quite upset.

There is one thing I say to anyone I know is having this special day: Happy Birthday.  Anytime on Facebook or just plain knowing the date, I say happy birthday whether it be family, friend, or mere acquaintance.  It is simple but I think it shows that this person is thought of and today I realized that I; apparently, am not.

Yes, I was wished happy birthday from my cousin, my in-laws, my husband and my parents (although my mother couldn’t remember what age I was) and that should be enough but somehow not seeing those two simple words on my Facebook page turned me into a frustrated and angry person that felt sorry for herself and pissed at everyone else.  I shouldn’t care about it but maybe I should?

Maybe realizing that the people regardless of who they are in my life aren’t willing or able to take a mere two seconds to say happy birthday than they shouldn’t be in my life?

How is it that the lack of these two words upsets me? Are people really so busy that people in their lives that used to be a regular feature are ignored in some way or the other?  I am not implying that I or anyone else is to be bowed down to and worshiped but it is the simple things like a “how are you” text or “hey let’s get together”(although you probably wont) that means something.  It means that even for a brief moment that makes one feel like they matter.

Then again, I could just be a whiny person because no one said anything and my husband is sick which is leading to frustration in other ways and it built up to this poorly written blog about an egotistical person who should be spending more time on her screenplay than looking at Overstock and Pinterest!

I kind of prefer the more thoughtful person (makes me sound smarter and less selfish don’t ya think?)



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