You know what?

This is an actual question.  You know what?  There’s a few things I know for sure.

1)  I love my husband.  I love his sometimes obnoxious sarcastic/creepy sense of humor, how he teases me both literally and physically (let’s not go there), and how he goes “hmm” when I hug him so our cheeks meet when he is in the recliner.  I love the way he makes me feel and how he will just sit watching me sometimes.  He really is the best person I have ever met and I am truly blessed he is in my life.

2) I love travelling.  I could spend a lifetime hopping from place to place simply seeing everything this world has.  Granted, there are some things I wish I could ignore about things in this world but it really is filled with so many places with so much to experience from the food, people, random tourist traps, and history.  Even the trip where it seems the time spent in each place was rushed was filled with so much  I don’t feel like I missed things as much as you would think.  Every time I have had the opportunity to go someplace new, whether it is in my home state or across the country or in a new country altogether,  has been an experience that has changed me in some way. It may have made me bored, happy, exhausted, scared, or maybe even lonely but it has made me different somehow.  I’m really not sure how to describe it.

3) I don’t write or read enough.  Just look at how long it has taken me to write another blog post!  What’s sad is I consider myself a writer (or storyteller as my mom calls it).  I can’t blame inspiration because I always have ideas and my husband and I play with twists in the car especially after lackluster movies (and sometimes not lackluster movies) just because we saw something that took us to an interesting place as far as stories go.  So I actually don’t know why I am slacking in the writing and reading area.  Maybe it is desire or motivation?  Maybe it is just pure laziness (a very strong possibility!)?

So for those who are reading this, what do you know?  I’d love to hear about it and if I don’t, maybe it will make you think about some things you do and don’t know about yourself or your life.



3 thoughts on “You know what?”

  1. I absolutely like this post! 🙂 I feel you! I feel you 😉 hehe except that I’m not married yet. But I baaaaadly wanna get there the soonest. It really sounds good to my ear whenever I hear the word husband, makes me wanna settle down asap


    1. I’ll be honest, don’t rush getting married. I’m very blessed to have my husband in my life because he is more than just my husband but if taking care of yourself (finances, school, jobs, health, etc) is stressful, double it because you are literally adding another person to the mix. But that being said, any relationship can be very rewarding and often a learning experience (hopefully not a bad one!)


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