Binge Watching and Obsession with Technology

Both Alex and I have a thing for competition shows.  The one I am binge watching solo is Project Runway.  I used to watch it all the time when I lived with my parents and I noticed last week that they had from week seven (er six ?) which is the last one I remember when I didn’t live there so I am picking up where I left off.  In a matter of a week, I have gone through 3 seasons.  3 seasons!

It’s seriously scary how long I spend either sitting and watching TV or listening to it while I am doing something else.  Not only is it a crazy amount of electricity but just time.  And it doesn’t surprise me that they say after a person has finished a season or a full show that it leads to a depression because I am already thinking about how I only have 3 more seasons after this one left because they just finished their current season.  And I’ve been going crazy waiting for the new season of the fall line-up to start for my favorite shows like Grimm.

It is just so nuts how TV affects us as a society.  It’s the same thing with all forms of technology like our phones and computers.  I freak out if I don’t have my phone.  It’s not even what if something happens like an accident; it is what if one of my game notifications goes off or when my coins or something is low so I can buy more putting it on my Verizon bill.  I wonder when it became about what I was using and how much I was using it then what I could be doing without it?  I could have sorted laundry, washed dishes, go to the Y, nap but I was spending my time here and watching TV (not that I have issues being on my blog). Hours of time that could have been spent doing other things, like necessary things.

There have been studies on the affect of binge watching and the affect it has on one’s mood.  It has been shown that there is a lack of self-control,  they are fatigued, and even depressed because of what they feel after the show is over. Which actually fits because I have been staying up till 3 in the morning just listening to the television.

After writing and reading all these different studies, I am giving myself the goal to limit my watching and my time on my cell phone.  There are other things to do and they just aren’t getting done.




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