Why Butterflies & Polka Dots?

I have a bit of a girly side (alright a large bit) and I am in love with anything with butterflies (I also like dragonflies) and polka dots.  My husband hates polka dots and I do like to torment him sometimes but mostly I am just drawn to them.  Especially if it is purple.

I’ve actually looked into why I have this fascination

Butterflies represent transformation.  The butterfly does not question when or why or how it transform, it just does it.  There is no fighting making it a more difficult process, no worry that it will happen or won’t happen.  It willingly and naturally transforms like our bodies and our souls do.  We are not the same as we once were much like the butterfly and we as souls encased in a physical form; I especially, need to be proud and accept the transformations.

Polka dots simply make me happy.  If I see something with polka dots, I light up and go near it.

The color purple has always been a favorite of mine and in all shades for that matter.  That combination of fiery red and calm blue creating a rich color that symbolizes everything from spiritual awareness and introverted creative minds to ambitious person that stands out.  Anytime I’ve worn or looked at something purple, my feelings vary hence making it my favorite because it invokes feelings.

Without feelings, there are no favorites.  There are no smiles when we see a pattern we like or animal we find fascinating.  And I am a woman with a strong urge to wear my feelings and sometimes everyone else’s on my sleeve. Hopefully, that sleeve has purple polka dotted butterflies.



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