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30 Things in My 30s

Typically, I wouldn’t reblog something that is more personal but this particular blogger is a former classmate of mine from National University and as I am a few years from turning 30, I found the idea of looking at one’s accomplishments rather than what they didn’t accomplish is motivating and I just might start making my list of my 20s myself. BTW, check out Valerie’s Private Mommies Society when it is officially published. I’m hoping she will let me review it on my own blog. Hint, Hint! 😉

Valerie Zane

I love birthdays. Mine. Yours. Anyone’s really.

In my opinion birthdays are yet another reason to celebrate and I especially love doing that.

I’ve never been one to dread getting older either. I know some folks truly despise their birthdays like each one is another step closer to death. I never thought about it like that. Rather, I’ve always thought of my birthday as exciting and fun and honestly not at all scary or intimidating.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really feel older or because age is just a number, blah blah blah, or maybe it’s the childlike enthusiasm that comes with looking forward to an upcoming birthday that makes each year feel more magical and important than the one before. Or maybe it’s the cards and gifts and all the special “happy birthday” messages and songs. I love all that stuff!

I’m not sure what it is entirely but…

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