It’s been a while

Not that anything is really new but I remembered that I have this thing called a blog and that I should probably blog.

Currently, I am addicted to this game called Smash Hit (app on my phone and causes random bursts of swearing and desire to throw phone).  My clan on Clash of Clans is preparing for our weekend war and I hope that some of them will get off their butt and participate.  I’d really like some of the leaders to get rid of the members who don’t but I’m not in charge of that.  I also have this app called Covet Fashion which feeds my girly side.  Basically, it is a way to get clothes you would never wear or would most likely never afford.  My issue is with some of these games, I have very little patience to slowly upgrade things.  I just want everything immediately and kick ass.

Oh, there is something that could be of some importance.  My husband and I are taking a trip to Portland in May (unless I become pregnant or some other thing that would cause a drastic change of plans).  We’ve discussed moving next year (hopefully getting a loan to support us before we find jobs and official living quarters) and he brought up Oregon.  I guess he always liked the idea and I’ll admit I am hoping that it will give us that feeling.  You know when something just feels right?

But other than that and a small photo shoot I did with a friend of mine (her cousin is a photographer) and planning for the overload of October birthdays, there really isn’t anything new.



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