Doctors’ Appointments & Health Fears

Update:  My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes.  He measured 275.  I know with both parents and his paternal grandparents being diabetic that is easily assumed that it would have been evitable; it most likely would have happened eventually. It means that at 29, he is diabetic has high blood pressure and has gained 100 pounds since we graduated high school.  It’s scary.  I know I have my own issues with weight and hormones but I look at my husband and I worry that changes might not be enough, that it won’t change no matter what we do. But I have to push that worry aside and tap into the part of me that is positive and ready to make changes and I need to tell the depressed, overeating, lazy bitchy side to get the hell out.

I have schedule and rescheduled more appointments the last year and specifically the last few months than I even remember prior to 2015.

Let’s see

11 dentist appointments

2 physical appointments

2 Gyno appointments

1 blood test/sugar test appointment

1 dermatologist appointment

Alex and I hadn’t been to the dentist in ages so we decided we needed to while we still had good dental care.  Turns out, Alex needed a permanent crown on his front tooth from a previous tooth breaking  when they still put rods in teeth.  The rod was sticking out the back.  Add multiple cavities and years of plaque, we paid for the dentist’s new car with his alone.  I after 28 years still have no cavities (and I am terrible about brushing my teeth.  yay for good dental genes!)

The gyno appointments I will not describe but when Alex went to get his physical for work and the blood tests and such, his sugar was just a bit high and so he has to have a sugar test done after work on Monday.  Both his parents are diabetic as are his grandparents mix that with slightly higher blood pressure, there have been a lot more diet changes than there already was in the process.  It is one of his biggest fears to have heart issues (mine is cancer and having one of my children being epileptic like I am) and while it is good that he’s gone to the doctor, it doesn’t help realizing how close it really is.

Top it off, he has this weird mole thingy that seems to have gotten bigger so I scheduled that for next week too.  He’s going to be super cranky on Monday and it might require getting a pizza or burgers because he will be a pain the next day.  It’s his birthday next Wednesday (which makes the appointments really annoying).

I know these things are a bit personal but at my age (almost 30), I can’t blame my family or anyone else for my and my husband’s health.  I’m glad we are taking the steps now but I think about that it could have been sooner.  I was really worried when Alex had the call from the doctor about the blood work.  I saw his eyes change and frustration in his voice.  I bounced from thinking it was cholesterol to sugar and whatever else.  If he isn’t well, then I don’t have a husband and if I’m not well, then he doesn’t have a wife.

Hopefully there won’t be anymore appointments after this month and we can enjoy the last couple months of the year.  If you read this, take care of your health now.



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