Writing Standstill

So, I started this screenplay before I finished getting my MFA and I hadn’t worked on it in 2 years until I finally finished my first draft in November 2015. Now, I made a goal to get my first draft finished by the end of December which then became the end of January which has now became the end of February.

I have changed the first 5 pages but now my brain is all over the place. I start thinking about what if this ending would work better or this one and new characters and new relationships which has caused a complete writing standstill. I worked my butt off to go from 35 pages to 137 by the end of November and now I can’t go past the 5 pages I’ve already worked on.

I’ve received advice that I should just write and fix it after it’s done but I’ve already done the editing and now I have to fix it and it feels like I am being ripped apart from my own ideas. I love the idea for my story. I love the twists and even the relationships because as I got further in, they wrote themselves but now I have to re introduce myself to these characters and meet new ones.

It took 2 years to even force myself to finish it and I can’t do that again if I really want this to be my career and move past my current profession into something I love. I love movies and discussing them, criticizing ones that are predictable or unoriginal (mostly remakes although some are excellent). I do the same thing with TV shows and I want to put myself out there among these things. I want to have people go to the movie I wrote and (hopefully) enjoy it but writing it has been a real bitch!


2 thoughts on “Writing Standstill”

  1. I know the feeling too well! I’m about 80 pages into my first ever screenplay. I hope I can find the motivation to complete it, and maybe one day it will see the big screen.

    I’ve heard that a maximum of 120 pages is preferable for screenplays. Have you got any unnecessary scenes in it?


    1. The length really depends on the story. I’m not too worried about length but rather finishing my second draft. I think I might have solved my dilemma by figuring how I wanted the situations to officially happen which I didn’t before. The first pages I found the most difficult and were the most difficult to read, real awkward but I’m sure you can find your motivation to finish it. I had to fight the urge to edit while I was writing. But there are definitely scenes I’ve mentally cut.

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