Law of Attraction

I am a real believer in you get what you give. If you put negativity whether it be about people or your personal life and future, odds are negativity will be returned (at least that has been my experience). I particularly liked this article and wished to share parts of it. I’ve included a link to the full article if you wish to continue reading.

Remember Whatever is Happening Now is Only Temporary

“The great thing about consciously creating your reality is these sorts of guarantees are available to you. Sure, we may not buy into it 1 million percent, but the mere willingness to acknowledge this is how the system works, and whatever we don’t like right now by no means has to remain that way, can create a really significant shift.”

You Have to Make a Choice to Feel Better

“Now that you are coming out of the fog, and realizing how your reality is really created, you have to take some responsibility.

You can no longer blame the government, your mom, your boss or anything outside of you for the state of your life, or how you feel.

You can’t just let yourself stay in the pit, and point to the way your life is now, as a justification for feeling like shit.

Will you fully succeed at doing this at all times? Of course not. But, with this new awareness, you will be tasked with shifting this way of thinking, feeling and believing. You can’t just run with it anymore like you had in the past if you want things to be different”

I personally struggle with the idea that I have real control over my life regardless of any belief in a higher power or not. It’s just ingrained that some people are just lucky and get what they want without doing anything or remaining positive. But I try every day to be better and think about what I want instead of what I don’t as far as my current situation goes. And I just wanted to share this with anyone who is reading it.

Acting “As if” Regardless of Current Reality


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