(Almost) Clutter Free

Tuesday, my husband and I took the day for do some much need spring cleaning. We took the rest of the items I wanted to put in our storage unit to clear out the second bedroom for future baby room, fingers crossed. (I’m a big fan of feng shui so I believe if you make room, something or someone will fill it up). Plus some of it just didn’t need to be in the apartment as they were wanted but not regularly used. That room got a thorough cleaning, I did the baseboards, the windows, the walls even plus sweeping.

I did the windows in the entire apartment (I find cleaning windows strangely relaxing) and dusted the entire apartment (I ended using 2 Swiffer duster clothes. We started the kitchen and the bathroom but they aren’t finished yet. Those require more use so it isn’t easy to finish it all in between eating and using the bathroom for other necessary functions.

But the true test of strength will be the table my desk is on. It has become quite messy and I feel it is blocking my energy that I can put into writing. I had to change it’s position because we purchased a sectional and it took up a lot of space, although we have the room for it. So, I started working on that this morning. Hopefully, I can work on it more during my lunch break which I am now leaving to take.

Pizza rolls here I come!



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