Health, Losing Weight

Why does everything bad for you, taste so damn good

Right as I was typing this, a spider came out of hiding so give me a minute while I glance around to make sure it is in fact gone.

Okay, so the last month (or 2 going on 3), I’ve pretty much returned to the poor eating and exercising habits of my past. I just downed a pack of Buncha Crunch, a classic Arby’s roast beef sandwich, 1 pc mozzarella sticks, 1 Russell Stover’s caramel apple bite (fell in love with those last year so I try to find them any chance I get) and I am almost finished with a regular cherry coke. Just typing this feels exhausting for all the food and sugar that is in me right now.

It’s rough trying to control these habits because one little bit is enough to turn me into a cookie eating, pop guzzling, candy munching, chip crunching fiend. I started writing down what I eat yesterday and when it took up the majority of the page with minimal water along with it, I know today’s page will be the same.

I didn’t start the day this way. I made a scrambled egg topped with pico de gallo salsa and cheese and made a sandwich with 2 slices of wheat bread. So how did I go from relatively healthy to this afternoon? One reason: I chose to do so and I did. I can’t blame it on taking a late lunch or needing caffeine or the fact that I have my period or treating myself because those are excuses , plain and simple.

Luckily, I have the opportunity to make more choices today and tomorrow should I be fortunate to have the opportunity and I can make those choices better ones.


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