Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive Part 5: 4 Week Wait

Update: Aunt Flow decided to show up on Sunday night, 2 days early. 😦


Some have the 2 week wait (that time between ovulation and period due date) but due to previous cycle irregularity, my husband and I decided it would be best to have the 4 week wait.

enhanced-2960-1430171620-1If you TTC-ers think 2 weeks is torture try 4! My period is due on Monday so just a couple days away. I am freaking out over every little odd change (my boobs are more sensitive than usual, why am I constipated, I can’t sleep maybe I am pregnant stuff) as possible signs for either getting my period or being pregnant. Mix that with still feeling surrounded by babies, I actually broke down in my car after shopping because someone I remember from school (younger than me) had a baby at the Dollar Tree. I ended up buying a box of Buncha Crunch because I figured it was better than getting a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  Reading comments and posts from other blogs is not necessarily comforting but it doesn’t hurt so bad now as it did a couple weeks ago so that is better. It’s the ones that I relate to that seem to hurt the most because I feel every bit of their pain mixed with my own.

My hubby thinks I am nuts because I like looking at baby stuff or smelling it because I love the smell of Baby Magic (I hear the judgment people!). You would think that would make the frustration worse but something about looking at baby shower games or planning how I want the invitations to look like (I am going to be very involved in the planning because it will be much better because of it, trust me!).

But anyways maybe in a couple weeks, I will post that I am pregnant rather than post that I got my period in 2 days. Fingers crossed (my toes are too short to cross, haha)


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