Deciding what to make for dinner, Pinterest not to the rescue!

I love Pinterest for all its recipes, crafts, gift options, bucket list ideas (pregnancy symptoms checklists!) However; especially on days before payday, it is the worst thing to look at because I don’t have the things on the screen that I want to make. I have a few things here and there but when I really want to make a tater tot sloppy joe casserole but I’m without the tater tots, or make pulled pork sandwiches, which I do have the pork loin but not my favorite BBQ sauce or the awesome Mexican dishes that require salsa that’s not in my pantry, it pisses me off!

Yes, this is a silly blog but I figured I needed something silly after the latest depressing trying to conceive ones. I never realized how depressing those are until after I read them myself (in a slightly better mood of course). I am not going to my cousin’s baby shower because of the emotional issues I’ve had with it but as far as hating every woman who has a baby or is pregnant, I am no longer doing so (much anyways). And, I am going to a Pure Romance party at another cousin’s house this weekend to enjoy some much needed girl time along with taking my litter sister Cassidy to Starbucks for a sister date. I don’t really have a lot of friends (I married my best friend in many ways) and the one I do have is great (albeit unaware of my trying to conceive issues) but we don’t get together often (one of those can go weeks without talking and then spend an entire week talking each others’ ears off kind of friendships) and for the most part, I am okay with that but sometimes I’m not. Hopefully, this will relieve some baby making stress (and maybe add some fun to it 😉 as well) and allow myself to focus on the relationships I do have. I’ve also started writing again and working towards my vision board dreams. I think these will help me handle the 2 WW better this month before calling the doctor about starting Clomid.


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