Victim of an IRS scam & a Few Other Things

So, I officially have no respect for myself anymore! I know I am a smart person. I’m not tooting my own horn but after yesterday I feel like I am not. I received a call from the “IRS” claiming I owed $3,452.23  due to miscalculations from my taxes and in order to change it and remove the “warrant for my arrest” I had to get this and remain on hold and get this money and then wait for a form of payment which turned out to be iTunes cards. I did this, I actually did this. I borrowed money pretending that I had back car payments they would repo may car and basically gave them $2,000 worth of cards before I realized, wait a second, this isn’t real. And someone tried to tell me this, but my brain literally turned off. I was somehow more afraid for myself and my husband about it that I forgot everything I know about these scams and the government. I used to technically work for the government and I hear about these things all the time.

Why did I do this? I am one of the people that you see online who lose thousands of dollars due to these schemes. I actually think I am stressed enough that felt a petit mal seizure start to come on which luckily didn’t continue.

My husband thinks that blogging about it won’t help that I will still be dwelling on it but I think it might help because it will show that even very intelligent people can become victims of (if you think about it this way, even more intelligent) people who do not want to help others but hurt them.

I also found out that when I said I missed my appointment for the fertility consultation, that my husband got really upset which showed me that he really does want to start a family with me even though he doesn’t always show it. I’ve rescheduled my appointment for the end of the month which if I am not pregnant, I will be close to the beginning of my cycle to allow a fresh start.

And since I now owe my grandmother so much money, it will drastically limit our spending and lead to weight loss because I will have to eat frugally. My husband is now a salary employee at his employment and is making $5,000 more a year now and next month the position is getting a pay “bump” making it an extra $7,000 a year.


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