Screenplay: Just a little bit more and only a little bit of time left :(

I made my husband a promise that I would finish my first edit of my screenplay by the end of this month.

I have my first 30 pages perfected.  It follows traditional screenplay format and set up for the important parts of the movie.  I am at the part “where the movie trailers are made”. Problem is, I am at that part.  The beginning and the ending are so clear that the middle isn’t. You would think that it would be easy but I have to draw the people in and the middle makes them want to stay the end.

I want this screenplay to be the real start of my writing career. I’m tired of watching other movies being made that I’m not even sure deserve to have been made.  There is so much more of me than there was before.  I can’t imagine it falling flat because it means I have fallen flat and the education I have will be worthless and the money I spent for it will be here forever. I believe that positive thoughts can bring positive outcomes but it’s hard not to think that if I bank on this to set Alex and our family on a secure and eventful future and I don’t do it, I’ll feel like I let my future down. But I know that I have to finish it or I won’t know. I’ve wasted a lot of time on hoping and figuring out what I want and not doing anything about it. I have to succeed.

I have roughly 60 more pages to work with, add and change since I spent most of the day editing, I feel a very strong desire to do the same today which is fantastic.

Just not so good for getting laundry done!


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