Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive Part 10: Clomid (round one then hopefully it’s done!)

Well, I had my period a couple days earlier than the last one but since I had an appointment with my doctor to start Clomid, it came just in time for them to start my first round. I started it Saturday and I have started taking a 3rd pill of Metformin which seems to be working much better now that I take it at night instead both during the day. My ultrasound is scheduled for the 11th and I will be getting that Ovadrel shot on Thursday.

I’m really hoping that I will only need one round and that I will conceive with this extra help but I’m also really nervous. I have all these questions and fears in my mind: “What if I don’t produce good follicles” “What if I still don’t ovulate after 6 rounds?” “What if I can’t have babies”. Just thinking about all this stuff makes me want to cry (starting to think I might be experiencing an emotional change although I am naturally emotional by nature).

I want to give my husband a family so much that sometimes it hurts and I’m a week away from going to my family reunion where one of my cousins has been pregnant or will already have delivered her baby and I’m not sure if I’m capable of being there since my husband works. He may not be perfect but I know he will be a great dad and I think I will make a great mom (maybe a bit dysfunctional but together we will be great). I’m tired of being jealous and sad because people have babies and I don’t.




2 thoughts on “Trying to Conceive Part 10: Clomid (round one then hopefully it’s done!)”

  1. Wishing you so much luck this cycle! It’s hard to not project and think about all the what if’s in the future. If you can – try to focus on the now. The moments. And the small successes. Keep positive and hopeful and love yourself!


  2. Thanks sweetie! I’ve watched your blog and I hope for you every time I see something. Here’s to growing follicles!


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