Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive Part 13: Half of the TWW

I got the results from my progesterone test. It wasn’t as high as they like. Mine was 15.5 and they want 25 but according to online sources and even them, it is possible that I am pregnant and that is still a good number.

I’m half way through without going completely crazy but since I feel a bit nauseous this morning (felt like I hadn’t eaten but I actually have), I’ve been trying my damnedest not to think it is early morning sickness. I’ve already told my husband to keep me from thinking about it. We’ve come to the conclusion that I just didn’t eat enough this morning. Considering I get a bit nauseous before my period, I probably just have a bit of PMS as usual. Hopefully, some Sprite and Pringles will help sort it out.

One good thing that has happened through this cycle is talking to my cousin in Texas. Turns out, I am not the only one in the family who has fertility challenges. Granted, it is both depressing and relieving that I am able to share this with someone who understands having PCOS and fears of miscarriages or in her case, multiple miscarriages and not being comfortable to really share with those immediately around us. Nothing is more irritating than hearing “It will happen” or “Maybe it isn’t the right time” or “God has a plan” and in our family, it can happen a lot.

On to the next week! Cross your fingers!


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