Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive Part #15: Big Fat Positive!


I’ve told my one cousin in Texas who was the first besides Alex because we’ve talked about our TTC journeys. My grandma figured it out after I dropped off the green beans my in-laws gave me. I can’t lie when I’m excited. I also told my closest friend Glayna. My mom has called me every day for the last three days asking how I felt and symptoms which mine seem to be a bit different than hers. She knew I was going to test today so I expect a call in an hour or so. And I admit, I’ll probably cave!

Alex wants to announce it to our parents through the mail. He wants go send them a “order invoice” for the baby to their grandparents and include an ultrasound picture with bibs they’ll need next year. So cute!

Alex is looking up baby to do lists already which is super sweet considering this morning at 4:49 am (the second time I had to pee), I woke him up be he wanted me to test again just to see it lol.

After 5 years and my first round of Clomid, I’m actually pregnant! I’ve never been so happy to have heavy slightly sensitive breasts in my life.


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