Pregnancy 1st Trimester: First Ultrasound!

14192054_10154492276502238_6606057303239507304_nThere they are! Just 1 precious little peanut inside that sac but according the ultrasound and the doctor everything is right on track as far as development. Alex was so excited that he didn’t even care if we toured the hospital or grabbed something to eat, he wanted to share it immediately (my mom already knew and I let my little sister know to tell her that everything looked good because she was worried). We set up an “order confirmation” for a grandchild and put 2 bibs per grandparent in these packages that “just happened” to be in their yards. Mom was actually surprised at the bibs and almost ignored her copy of the ultrasound. His parents seemed really confused until his mom said “does this mean what I think it means?” and “I’ll finally have a grandbaby nearby”. What was the funniest moment was him telling his grandmother over the phone. He told her I had a “parasite” and that it couldn’t be removed until April because it had a gestation of 9 months. After she knew that I was pregnant, she immediately mentioned a shower which is funny because I am only 9 weeks pregnant!

I am still waiting on some of the results from the tests my hematologist wanted but all that showed up was that I am iron deficient and that my B12 level is borderline. I’ll require another test to check the B12 to determine if I require an extra supplement along with the iron but I feel significantly better. I see the doctor again on Wednesday and this time I asked my mom to come with me and my hubby as when I saw her last week, I walked out of the office practically in tears. Because my previous doctor had diagnosed me with anemia but didn’t bother to find out why, she said it is possible that I have a form of Leukemia. Eight weeks pregnant and I hear the word Leukemia I also heard possible internal bleeding because of my platelets and my white blood count being elevated. I called multiple days to find out whether she had read my results and she told me about the B12 and iron and how the white blood count could be different due to my pregnancy. I got more warmth and answers from her over the phone than I did in person. Because of this, I decided a little extra support and the brain of a mother could only help.


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