Pregnancy 1st Trimester: 12 weeks 3 days

Almost done with the first trimester and I will admit that the experience of getting sick nearly every morning (either vomiting or dry heaving which isn’t good either way), the nose that either smells everything or nothing, my strange dislike of anything gummy, and my inability to sneeze without feeling like I’ll pee or throw up has become quite irritating although normal. Now, I can add strange body temperature of either freezing or hot like lava.

Some days I can’t believe I’m pregnant until I realize I have an ultrasound to prove it and the lack of AF. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant. The last week of this trimester which means our baby is just 6 months away.

My family is quite excited. We’ve tried for five years with no success and now I am three months pregnant. Our little miracle of science! My mom got us a swing/vibrating seat combo and safari themed receiving blankets, my aunt, uncle, and cousins gave us a booster high chair and a rattle set, and my grandma a blanket.

Our nursery is already painted and now we are just working on filling it (and putting everything back after we had the carpet replaced. Our cat now has this cage/hotel that his litter box is in and he sleeps there at night as he likes to knock things over. This way things are slightly protected from the eventual crawling bundle of curiosity. We are trying to figure out baby proofing as much as possible before the baby comes.


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