Pregnancy 2nd Trimester: Spotting and Throwing up at Walmart

So last Friday just a bit into the 2nd trimester I noticed a bit of spotting. Just a brownish pink bit of mucus (TMI) that didn’t come along with pain and hasn’t happened since. Alex was freaking out when I told him as expected but I tried to keep a cooler head knowing that it happens sometimes and even my mom had a bit with my sister. But I was secretly petrified. We’ve tried for a long time and even though the ultrasound I had 2 weeks prior showed everything looked good,  it didn’t completely stop the worry of what if the baby has something wrong or I miscarry. I called the doctor on Monday who’s nurses said that since it didn’t show up again, wasn’t bright red like a period and came with no pain that it was natural and probably no cause for alarm. Phew!

That same morning; however, I was not feeling too good. Morning sickness reared it’s ugly head and while I felt fine, baby had other plans. I ate breakfast at Perkins and just 30 minutes later, it came up in the Walmart parking lot right in front of everyone. Nothing like looking at the partially digested eggs you just ate while other bodily fluids pour out of you at the same time. I was embarrassed, disgusted and had to immediately go home to shower before work. Thankfully, I noticed I wasn’t feeling too well in the store and called my boss to adjust the schedule for that day since I knew we had no appointments.So far, I still seem to be getting nauseous in the mornings just a bit. It’s not every morning but it sure feels like it at times.

We are taking the crib from my in-laws. It’s 34 years old and a drop down but I should be able to find a stabilizer kit. They got it down from their attic and cleaned it up so Alex felt bad and I know there are still people who use drop down cribs but I am a bit nervous. My mom has a changing table so the nursery is already started besides the painting.

I’m very excited. It gets closer and closer everyday till we get to see our son or daughter. It’s almost unreal!




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