Pregnancy 2nd Trimester: Being Pregnant is Disgusting!

I’m 2 days away from being 18 weeks pregnant. Yep, almost half way there. So far, all the ultrasounds look good but unfortunately, I had a lot of belly fat before the baby was in there so it makes some of the more recent ultrasounds unclear although they can always find the heart beat and that is good.  This is going to be a bit TMI but I think it should be documented and I am not afraid of my child some day reading this.

Pregnancy is disgusting.  It is. All those tales of beautiful glowing skin and perfect round bellies are a LIE people!  I have yet to have a clear glowing complexion this entire pregnancy. My belly is a B not a D which I can survive that considering I haven’t gained any weight although my paints are starting to disagree. Also, I pee my pants. Sneeze, there’s either a tinkle or an all out flood even if I recently went to the bathroom. Oh and they don’t tell you about the diarrhea you can have. They tell you about the possible constipation but forget those of us who are on multiple medications with a constantly changing body causing a whirlwind of symptoms. It’s disgusting and  the extra saliva I throw up some mornings (and yes, I still occasionally get sick at random times of the day) and a few other things like my baby brain, round ligament pain, hungry all the time just top it all off.

However, I am getting closer and closer to holding this little baby in my arms instead of my body and that is completely amazing. 22 weeks left!


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