My Life

Money: In it comes and out it goes

I hate money! It’s frustrating when you don’t have enough, awesome when you have extra, and plain torture when waiting for the next paycheck and then watch it disappear when you get it.

See I work part time at our apartment complex which allows me to have reduced rent (significantly reduced rent) and the rent includes everything but electric and trash which still isn’t much. Alex works full time (admittedly at a job he hates) and for in most opinions, not enough for what he does. He works with juvenile delinquents and some are pretty violent or can be. In fact, the one he was hit so many times (not with a lot of force though) by the one kid that he had bruised muscles in his shoulder that required medication (oddly enough the week I got pregnant, nothing like time sex when your husband is in pain!). He was told that he would be making $28,000 a year (not a lot but salary is better than hourly and he was going to be making more money) but it is actually more like $25,600 a year unless he does overtime (and overtime at a job he hates). It makes it difficult paying the bills even with my additional (significantly smaller) paychecks beside the reduced rent.

We reached our deductible in September so luckily we haven’t been paying for my more expensive medications, doctor’s visits, ultrasounds, etc but that will change again in January and there is still at least 3 months of doctors’ visits not to mention what the hospital cost will be and we have to pay his student loans and eventually mine. There are definitely some changes I would make if I could go back and make different financial choices because right now, I feel as though I am preparing to drown and I have no way of making extra money with my company and we are waiting for Alex to interview for another where he will earn more and be able to advance. Heck, I would go do the job he has applied for (I used to do it before I left USIS). Even though we would lose the reduced rent, we would at least be able to pay all the bills for sure and take care of our baby.

I can admit that I am scared.


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