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Getting back to Normal

Granted my normal isn’t necessarily something to be proud of so how about better than normal.  I am making decisions that will be best for my son.  I am 30 and I want to make the most of my time and know that I am doing my best as a mother, wife and person.

But it starts with my actions.  I want him to make better financial decisions than I have but I am responsible for helping him make those decisions and it is time for me to learn from my mistakes.  I also want to teach him better study habits and reaching goals techniques that I didn’t take advantage of when I was younger.  We are setting up life insurance policy for him tomorrow and I will be opening up a checking account for him so that we can add something to it each month.

My actions also include writing or better yet my lack of writing.  I’ve recently became fascinated by fan fiction (I admit I have a thing for Arrow but hello, Stephen Amell + Salmon Ladder = yummy!) and it has sparked my desire to write again even if it is not my usual genre. I find that my story ideas are still floating around in the vast space that is my brain and I am wasting time and possibly the opportunity to bring entertainment to the masses. I know my ideas are good (not to insult their fans, but come on if Sharknado can get 4 sequels, my ideas could be gold) and I need to break through my laziness and procrastination (traits I don’t want to pass down to my children) and pursue my dreams by using those ideas. By pursuing my dreams and reaching the goals I need to make for myself and who I want to be, I will be a great mom showing my children that with focus (even if it is on multiple things) on being the best they can be and refusing to quit trying, there will be nothing stopping them from reaching their goals except themselves.


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