Fan Fiction: I Will Protect Her-Arrow

For Arrow fans, this is about the Bratva.  I included the summary and link to the work.

I Will Protect Her

The Queen family were members of the Starling City chapter and Robert Queen’s recent death due to a Triad attack left them vulnerable. They needed to secure their systems and use every resource to hold their power. Oliver Queen was training in Russia when it happened and knew he must take over as Kapitan. But Kapitan’s must be married.

Noah Cuttler, a captain in the Solntsevskaya Bratva, lived in Russia with his wife Donna while his daughter, who was gifted with technology, chose to attend MIT to obtain her double masters degrees in cyber security and computer science. There she met Cooper, a young man from Starling City, obsessed about taking down the Triad, who killed his family. Finding him dead in his dorm, Felicity knew from the scene that the Triad had found him after she caught him hacking their system. Felicity didn’t want to take the chance that the Triad would find out who she was and returned to Russia.

She required protection.

He needed a wife.

I Will Protect Her- Arrow Fan Fiction


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