Fan Fiction: The Wrong Omega – Arrow

What happens when the person you belong to is with another because you have denied your true nature?
Felicity Smoak is a literal genius and being a genius meant that she studied hard, graduated at the top of her class with 2 master’s degrees, and worked her way up to become the youngest VP of applied sciences not only at Palmer Tech but nationally. To do these things, she had to hide her identity as an Omega.
Oliver Queen was the epitome of Alpha. To describe him as handsome would be an understatement. He is far more intelligent than perceived, from a rich family, works as the head of applied sciences at one of the largest tech companies, and had the beautiful Omega Laurel Lance on his arm.
At least he thought she was beautiful until a young blond with eyes that shined like sapphires and legs for miles introduced herself as the VP at Palmer Tech that he would be working with during a merger.
Her supplements may dim her scent but it can’t dim the attraction between them.

Archive of Our Own-The Wrong Omega – Arrow Fan Fiction


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