It’s been 6 months already?

It really has flown by.  On March 20th at 12:12 AM I delivered my handsome little boy and for those of you who don’t pay attention to my Instagram and you’re curious, I posted the monthly pictures below.

He is a very happy baby that babbles and says mum.  He loves to kick and does this little weird push back and forth thing when he gets on his knees but not quite crawling yet.  Nathaniel is very active, likes to jump around in his exersaucer and chew on the toys.  My baby boy has his 2 bottom teeth and working on the top which is causing a few sleepless nights that have been very unusual because he’s slept straight through the night since he was 3 months.  He splashes during bath time and it has been quite entertaining to watch.  Nathaniel started rolling and moving in his sleep now and it terrifies me.  Right now, he weighs 16 pounds and is a little over 2 feet long.  He likes to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables just not peaches or carrots.

My family and I have been very blessed to have him in our lives and I can’t wait for more simple moments like watching him sleep with his hand curled around my finger or his grin when he sees me walk in the door.


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