I hate these things. About me pages are awkward to write. I’ve spent my entire life with me and I’m still not quite sure how to describe myself which is probably sad because I have two writing degrees. So, I am just going to include ten things about me right here and be done with it.

  1. My middle name is Lynn
  2. I was born on March 22 so for you astrology fans, I was born on the Aries-Pisces cusp which means I am literally coming and going at the same time (my poor husband!)
  3. I have one sister who is 14 years younger than me (I think my parents got bored with me.)
  4. I essentially grew up in a restaurant that my family owned for 35 years thereby creating a deep love of food (but admittedly very few kitchen skills).
  5. I met my husband during our senior year of high school and in an odd way, we have one of those cute stories but moving forward, we have been married 5 years in August.
  6. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English specializing in writing and my MFA in creative writing specializing in fiction but I am currently working on my first edit of a screenplay I started in 2013.
  7. I hate doing dishes and will procrastinate any chance I get.
  8. I love Zumba which gives me an excuse to wear yoga pants for another reason than they make my butt look better.
  9. I’ve travelled to Puerto Rico, Mexico, France, Italy (2 hours), Switzerland (4 hours), Barbados, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Canada, New York and as of 2015, I added Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, California, and Maryland after taking a 2 week road trip with my husband (which I will never do a road trip in that short of a time again because I want to see more and have less numb of a butt). Quite a bit for a girl from a rinky dinky town in PA.
  10. I’m currently an assistant resident manager to help pay the bills.





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