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Fan Fiction – Sparks & Flutters

Sparks & Flutters - Arrow Fan Fiction What happens when the stranger she shared a passionate kiss with turns out to be her awful boss's boyfriend? Felicity stared at the stage being put together, figurines and props shifting together to create a new world in the theater she once called her home away from home.… Continue reading Fan Fiction – Sparks & Flutters

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Fan Fiction

Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that I am doing a bit of "Spring Cleaning".  Instead of listing my fan fiction works on a page, I am going to post the links of my current works here.  All future works will have their own posts. Prophesy-Arrow Fan Fiction Two wolves would… Continue reading Fan Fiction

My Life

It has been forever since I posted

It's been a crazy year filled with emotions, trials, joys, laughter, and so much more.  I received the best birthday present ever in the form of my son and watched many milestones.  I reached my sixth anniversary with my husband. I developed a deep love and appreciation for fan fiction and wrote some of my… Continue reading It has been forever since I posted


It’s been 6 months already?

It really has flown by.  On March 20th at 12:12 AM I delivered my handsome little boy and for those of you who don't pay attention to my Instagram and you're curious, I posted the monthly pictures below. He is a very happy baby that babbles and says mum.  He loves to kick and does… Continue reading It’s been 6 months already?


F is for Fan Fiction and Fandoms.

Mummy Cat Notes

The internet has to be my favorite place, I have a future A to Z post talking about it but today I wanted to cover one of the reasons why the internet has a place in my heart

FanFiction and Fandoms –

Back in 1997 when I first started using the internet, I didn’t know what fandoms or fan communities was, I was watching at the time Star Trek and I wanted to know more about the world of Trek, so I had this awesome CD ROM encyclopedia about the universe of Trek but like anything, I wanted to learn more and I used the school computers to sit and read about everything I could find..


Around 2000, I learnt of the Harry Potter fandom, which was the first time I really opened up and read fan written stories, this whole new world was created and my friends online and…

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