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Disney and Male Characters

Great article  about disney and their recent lack of strong male characters  (lead or otherwise) Why does disney hate boys so much?

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It’s been 6 months already?

It really has flown by.  On March 20th at 12:12 AM I delivered my handsome little boy and for those of you who don't pay attention to my Instagram and you're curious, I posted the monthly pictures below. He is a very happy baby that babbles and says mum.  He loves to kick and does… Continue reading It’s been 6 months already?

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F is for Fan Fiction and Fandoms.

Mummy Cat Notes

The internet has to be my favorite place, I have a future A to Z post talking about it but today I wanted to cover one of the reasons why the internet has a place in my heart

FanFiction and Fandoms –

Back in 1997 when I first started using the internet, I didn’t know what fandoms or fan communities was, I was watching at the time Star Trek and I wanted to know more about the world of Trek, so I had this awesome CD ROM encyclopedia about the universe of Trek but like anything, I wanted to learn more and I used the school computers to sit and read about everything I could find..


Around 2000, I learnt of the Harry Potter fandom, which was the first time I really opened up and read fan written stories, this whole new world was created and my friends online and…

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Money: In it comes and out it goes

I hate money! It's frustrating when you don't have enough, awesome when you have extra, and plain torture when waiting for the next paycheck and then watch it disappear when you get it. See I work part time at our apartment complex which allows me to have reduced rent (significantly reduced rent) and the rent… Continue reading Money: In it comes and out it goes