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Doctors, Doctors, and More Doctors

I'm seeing a lot of doctors for this pregnancy and while some of this post will mention my pregnancy it is about the other important person in my life: my husband Alex. We saw the high risk obstetrician yesterday and while he said he saw no signs of birth defects but due to my weight,… Continue reading Doctors, Doctors, and More Doctors


Pregnancy 2nd Trimester: Spotting and Throwing up at Walmart

So last Friday just a bit into the 2nd trimester I noticed a bit of spotting. Just a brownish pink bit of mucus (TMI) that didn't come along with pain and hasn't happened since. Alex was freaking out when I told him as expected but I tried to keep a cooler head knowing that it… Continue reading Pregnancy 2nd Trimester: Spotting and Throwing up at Walmart


Doctors’ Appointments & Health Fears

Update:  My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes.  He measured 275.  I know with both parents and his paternal grandparents being diabetic that is easily assumed that it would have been evitable; it most likely would have happened eventually. It means that at 29, he is diabetic has high blood pressure and has gained 100 pounds since… Continue reading Doctors’ Appointments & Health Fears